Our Consultancy Services team contains some of the world’s leading nuclear remediation specialists with over 30 years’ experience in the nuclear clean-up and decommissioning sectors.

Our team is focussed on radioactive waste management and decommissioning solutions, drawing on our historic experience and personnel for underpinning research and development work. Working closely with our customers, we have delivered cost effective and practicable solutions for some of the industry’s most challenging wastes. We have also worked with and for the NDA and RWM, delivering high quality strategic studies and supporting the LoC process.

This combination of experience and knowledge, combined with our experimental facilities and Site Operations teams, allows us to offer complete cradle-to-grave decommissioning solutions to the nuclear industry. Our team has a reputation for delivering high quality technical services, including:

Waste Management

  • Waste characterisation, including the creation of sampling and analysis plans and development of assay techniques
  • Waste treatment, packaging and conditioning, including the consideration of novel methods, problematic wastes and development of encapsulant formulations
  • Radioactive waste management case development

Letter of Compliance Services

  • RWM disposability requirements
  • LoC submission preparation
  • Waste interactions
  • Data recording and management

Strategy Development

  • Preparation and facilitation of best practice reviews, such as BPEO, BPM and BAT studies
  • Site waste management strategies
  • Integrated waste management strategies
  • Strategy peer review

Environmental and Waste Services

  • Waste container development and assessment
  • Radioactive waste inventories
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Fuel and nuclear materials management
  • Strategic environmental assessments

Decommissioning Support

  • Plans and strategies
  • Assessment of methods, tools and approaches
  • Decontamination techniques, including expert advice on ion exchange resins
  • Waste minimisation
  • Dismantling and packaging loading

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