NSG Welcomes Supply Chain’s Novel Treatment Solutions as Part of LLWR Framework

NSG Environmental Ltd is delighted to announce it has been selected as the sole supplier on Lot 4 of LLW Repository Ltd’s Expert Support and Alternative Treatment Solutions Framework.

An aerial view of the Low Level Waste Repository in West Cumbria

Lot 4, formally entitled Alternative Treatment Solutions, comprises the identification, exploration and implementation of new and alternative treatment solutions for radioactive waste management, including problematic waste streams, other complex waste streams, delivery of trials and solution deployment. Lot 4 has an anticipated value of up to £10m and a duration of four years.

To deliver maximum value to LLWR, NSG welcomes interactions with supply chain partners that believe they can offer new and alternative treatment solutions to the industry’s problematic and complex waste streams. To discuss the possibility of working with NSG or for more information on the framework scope, please contact James.Rudd@nsgltd.com.

Image credit: ONR