NSG to Support Concept Design of ILW Size Reduction Facility at Dounreay

NSG Environmental Ltd is delighted to announce it will support the concept design of an Intermediate Level Waste Size Reduction Facility (ILWSRF) for the Prototype Fast Reactor (PFR) at the Dounreay site in Scotland.

PFR building, Dounreay

The package of work was awarded to Amentum through the Dounreay Decommissioning Services and Works Framework and will be supported by NSG and other framework partners. The ILWSRF will import, process and package the Higher Activity Waste retrieved during the dismantling of the PFR. The concept design is the first step in the supply of a fully commissioned and available system, which is a key enabler for the reactor dismantling campaigns and mortuary post-operational clean out (POCO) within the PFR decommissioning programme.

Jim Porter, Managing Director of NSG, commented:

We are absolutely thrilled to support this package of work and look forward to collaborating with DSRL, Amentum and our framework partners to deliver success on one of the most complex nuclear decommissioning projects in Europe.

Image credit: DSRL/BBC