NSG to Supply and Install Upgraded Effluent Samplers at Hunterston B

NSG Environmental Ltd is delighted to announce it was recently awarded a contract for the supply and installation of two upgraded Flow Proportional Liquid Effluent Samplers (FPLES) at EDF Energy’s Hunterston B site in Scotland.


For over 20 years, NSG has provided a maintenance service to all of the original FPLES installed at EDF Energy and Magnox nuclear power stations. During this period, a number of sampler components and critical spares became increasingly obsolete and NSG identified the need for an upgraded sampler that is fully supported with readily available components and critical spares. The Mark II design replicates the service connections and functional requirements of the original sampler whilst minimising redundancy and obsolescence.

The technology consists of small aliquots being taken at frequent intervals to ensure changes in discharge volume and rate are not overlooked whilst providing a manageable qualifying sample. The sampler provides a consistently reliable representative and proportional sample of liquid effluent, including any particulate present, for testing and analysis, plus an accurate indication of total discharge volume. Operational benefits of the technology include minimal operator intervention and low maintenance requirements.