NSG Hosts STEM Students

On Wednesday 23 March, we welcomed students from Parklands High School in Chorley to our head office. The visit was part of the Engineering Development Trust’s Industrial Cadets Bronze Project, a scheme where students have the opportunity to gain key skills for learning, life and work, working as a team on a STEM project. For their project, the students, who are part of the school’s Environment Club, are creating a 3D model, report and presentation about creating a sustainable ‘school island’.

Rosalind Todman (left), James Rudd (second from right) and Joshua Moore (right) with the students

During their visit, they were taken on a tour of our R&D facility and laboratory, given an overview of the nuclear industry and the career paths available, and also took part in a number of fun activities including working with a glovebox, wearing nuclear PPE and testing hydrogen bottle rockets. As part of their project, the students have been looking into renewable energies and had lots of interesting and enthusiastic questions on how nuclear fits in.

Patricia Berry, Careers Leader at Parklands High School, said the students “had a great time and learned so much”. We look forward to supporting the school again in the near future and wish the students the best of luck with their project.