NIS Group Supports Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team

On Saturday 15 September, the NIS Group of Companies (NSG, NIS and Hold Engineering) proudly supported the Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team as it moved into a new £650,000 purpose-built base in West Cumbria.

In recognition of the milestone, both NSG and NIS made significant contributions to the fund, while Hold Engineering designed and built lockers for the team’s new mess room.

Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team, one of the Lake District’s busiest mountain rescue teams, has been assisting people in the western fells of Cumbria for 50 years. The team comprises 40 volunteers/base operators and each year responds to around 100 emergency calls from the police to rescue people who are injured or lost in the local mountains.

The team also assists other organisations when requested and in December 2015 helped to rescue people affected by the severe flooding caused by Storm Desmond in Carlisle.

Since the late 1960s, the team has been based in Gosforth, near Sellafield — most recently in makeshift buildings behind the village’s Kellbank Hotel. Now, after a four-year funding campaign, the new base is located nearby on the opposite side of the A595 on land owned by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA). The new facility includes a training tower, a retractable 60ft radio mast and a control room.