Major MILWEP Milestone Achieved at Berkeley

NSG Environmental Ltd and Magnox recently completed the successful manufacture of the first normal-density concrete lid on to a 6m3 concrete box in the Berkeley Modular ILW Encapsulation Plant (MILWEP) Facility.

This is a direct result of over six years of hard work through the concept design, detailed design, manufacture, trials, installation and commissioning phases. This major milestone allows the MILWEP project to progress out of the site acceptance testing phase and into the inactive commissioning phase, which will be the final major milestone in the Berkeley MILWEP journey.

Paul Oswald, Magnox Programme Delivery Manager, said:

Successful casting of the first lid on a concrete box is a significant step forward in the delivery of the encapsulation strategy. The team continues to gather important learning from each task being completed – this will be applied at both Hinkley and Chapelcross as those plants progress to completion this year.