Social Value and Sustainability

As a sustainable business, we are dedicated to supporting our people, our communities, our industry and our environment.

At NSG, our purpose is to sustain a stable, profitable and responsible business that is proud to work safely in the nuclear industry whilst improving the environment and protecting the security of the UK. A large part of this is delivering real social value. One of our core values is collaboration and we truly believe that by working together — with our customers, supply chain partners and local communities — we can make the world a better, safer and more sustainable place to live. As well as supporting members of the community with equal employment opportunities and sustainable incomes, we have policies and procedures in place that make sure everyone is treated fairly, our staff have opportunities to develop and grow, their wellbeing is prioritised, and we are constantly monitoring and striving to improve our environmental performance.

Our Social Value and Sustainability Plan sets out our activities and commitments for the year, ensuring we make a positive social impact and helping our communities to thrive. It is aligned with government recommendations to address key issues such as COVID-19 recovery, tackling economic inequality, fighting climate change, equal opportunity and wellbeing. We have also adopted the relevant United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals to benchmark our performance and keep us aligned to the bigger picture. These include commitments to economic growth, reduced inequalities, climate action and good health and wellbeing.

Social Value graphic

We are proud to call ourselves a COVID-secure workplace. Our response throughout the pandemic has been one of care and clarity, with the vast majority of our staff working from home to protect themselves and their families. We continue to invest in our IT infrastructure to ensure every new and existing member of our team has the necessary equipment and software to deliver their high standard of work and interact with colleagues and customers alike. For the key workers that need to continue working at an NSG or client site, we have implemented further safety protocols such as temperature checks, increased cleaning schedules, additional PPE where necessary and stringent social distancing measures. In line with our standard procurement processes, we continue to use local suppliers where possible to minimise travel and support local businesses.

At NSG, we are committed to the development and growth of our employees and we are proud to have a diverse workforce that includes apprenticeship, graduate, postgraduate and blue-collar roles. We are committed to competitive salaries and provide significant staff benefits packages that include healthcare, social activities and performance bonuses. We also invest heavily in the training and development of our people. Career progression is supported through Personal Development Plans (PDP) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD), as well as our Talent Management and Reward and Recognition initiatives.

We recognise that tackling climate change and caring for the environment is everyone’s responsibility and fully support the national and international goal of reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2050. As part of this, we firmly believe that nuclear power is essential to achieving this goal and endorse the Nuclear Industry Association’s Forty by ’50 initiative, which includes a clear, long-term Government commitment to new nuclear power, driving down the costs of new build projects and maintaining the 2030 targets of the Nuclear Sector Deal. We also believe that the decommissioning work we deliver helps to provide a strong social license for the nuclear new build programme. In addition, we support the Government’s ambition to ‘leave our environment in a better state than we found it’ through its 25 Year Environment Plan. As an ISO 14001-accredited business, we are committed to continuously improving our own environmental performance and challenging our suppliers and clients to improve theirs.

At NSG, we are committed to sustaining an organisation that actively promotes dignity, respect, diversity and equality of opportunity for all and is free from discrimination, harassment or victimisation of any sort. We recognise that employing people from a wide variety of backgrounds will give our organisation the widest possible range of skills, abilities and experience. Our Equality and Diversity Policy and Standards and Expectations guidelines highlight our commitment to these areas and outline the standards we expect from our staff and wider stakeholders.

Wellbeing is a key focus for us and our comprehensive health and wellbeing programme and trained team of Wellbeing Champions were established to ensure our employees’ mental and physical health and wellbeing are always a priority. We promote healthy lifestyles and positive mental health by encouraging our staff to better manage work-life demands and signposting them to information and resources that may help. We also contribute to the wellbeing of our communities through community engagement, financial help and charitable support. Previous activities include volunteering, sponsorship of local sports teams and STEM support to both primary and secondary schools. In addition to this, we also organise regular fundraising events and encourage our employees to support causes that benefit local and national charities and communities.