Collectively, our facilities provide 8725m2 of work area for a range of services, including radioactive waste retrieval systems based on the application of various off the shelf technologies and waste conditioning encapsulation and grout plants. Some of our facilities boast overhead gantry cranes, ranging from 5 tonne capacity to 20 tonne capacity, whilst others are equipped with mobile cranes. Furthermore, the majority of our facilities possess 110V, 240V and 400V electrical supplies, as well as compressed air and water ring mains.

test rig hall

Test Rig Halls

Our test rig halls house full scale and prototype rigs to underpin technical solutions proposed by our clients. Based on the information provided through trials, our clients can move forward with confidence in their preferred option.


Our laboratory, based at our head office in Chorley, allows us to support our client’s development work in a cost effective manner by carrying out scaled down, inactive work before moving to active work on scientist in labsite. It is equipped with a fume cupboard and evaporator and, coupled with the skills and expertise of our dedicated team of in-house scientists, provides us with a range of capabilities, including test material and simulant preparation and analysis (including particle size distribution and rheology measurement); cement and polymer testing; small scale encapsulation mixes; compressive strength measurement; gas generation measurement; and chemical analysis.


Head Office, North West

the hubOur head office in Chorley is home to over 60 members of staff and is the hub of our Science and Technology operations. Scientia House contains state-of-the-art welfare facilities, an executive board room, test rig halls and a laboratory. Our adjacent facility, Technologia House, contains three conference rooms, an engineering office and 1000m2 of workshop space.

Regional Office, South East

Our office at Calleva Park houses the majority of our Consultancy Services team and some of our Site Operations South team members. As we are responsible for delivering a number of projects at AWE, this facility is ideally located and provides excellent facilities for site personnel, whilst also serving as an ideal base for off-site meetings with head office-based representatives.

Regional Office, South West

Our office at Festival House in Cheltenham is home to members of our Consultancy Services team and is embedded within the nuclear hub that has traditionally existed in the South West.

Regional Office, North West

Situated in the heart of West Cumbria and only a stone's throw from Sellafield and the Low Level Waste Repository, our office in Cleator Moor houses members of our Consultancy Services team and visiting staff from other sites.

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