Engineering Solutions

We have successfully supported numerous decommissioning and waste management campaigns with practical engineered solutions.

Test Rig Design and Operation

The use of smaller scale and full-scale test rigs allows us to identify and rectify potential operational problems before they are encountered, significantly reducing the costs and timescales for development when compared to operations within an active area on a nuclear site. We have the capability and facilities to practically validate and underpin system designs in a cost-effective manner before proceeding to the detailed design phase of the project. As the project designs develop, we also have the in-house processes, resources and a mature supply chain to provide either full-scale system mock-ups that can replicate plant or the actual plant that will be used on site.

Plant Design, Integration and Build

The development of both modular and fixed plant designs has been a focus for us for many years. We combine our experience in plant delivery with our significant waste retrieval and encapsulation process knowledge to produce robust plant designs and processes. Depending on the project’s requirements and lifetime, there are benefits associated with both modular and fixed plants and we have embedded this within our design philosophy. These include plant flexibility, generic solutions and efficient works testing, installation and commissioning.

Integrated Works Testing and System Optimisation

We have the expertise and facilities to carry out comprehensive integrated works testing. Through targeted trials and rigorous testing, we ensure the plant and equipment performs as expected, identifying and resolving any issues prior to deployment to site. We work closely with our clients to ensure the system is optimised and to improve efficiency during operations. The benefits of our approach include the effective delivery of site installation and commissioning activities and the avoidance of site delays and associated costs.

Obsolescence Management and Plant Life Extension

As technology continues to develop and improve, individual product lifetimes often become considerably shorter than the operational plant itself. At NSG, we understand that this disparity increases the need for a strategic approach. We work with our clients to keep their existing plant operational while replacement equipment is designed and procured, reducing the risk of processes failing and extending the life of the plant. To achieve this, we manage obsolescence alongside the redesign process to ensure continuity and lessons learned are captured while a long-term solution is determined.

Waste Retrieval, Processing and Packaging

We have successfully retrieved, processed and packaged more than two million litres of radioactive waste for long-term storage. Many of these projects have involved the development of bespoke retrieval systems, often adapting off-the-shelf plant items, to meet the individual requirements and challenges of each nuclear licensed site. To support this service, we have designed, built and operated smaller scale and full-scale test mock-ups of ponds, vaults, tanks and silos. Through this work, we have developed a toolbox of retrieval techniques for both wet and solid waste, including pumping, mechanical handling and pneumatic conveyance.