Consultancy Services

Our Consultancy Services team has a reputation for delivering pragmatic solutions and high-quality outputs on time and to budget.

Strategy Development

Clear, stepwise and underpinned strategies are critical to the successful delivery of waste management, decommissioning and site remediation projects. In our experience, a focus on waste-led decommissioning and disposability-led waste management is key. Through early involvement, we can help our clients develop strategies which deliver pragmatic and practical outcomes, as well as significant cost and programme savings. We are highly experienced at delivering both qualitative and quantitative option assessment processes, including Best Available Techniques (BAT) in England and Wales, Best Practicable Means (BPM) in Scotland and strategic optioneering such as the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority’s Value Framework.

Waste Characterisation

Key to the delivery of waste management and decommissioning strategies is an appropriate level of understanding of the waste characteristics to support waste sentencing. This requires robust characterisation planning, dialogue with waste service providers, and control and implementation of the monitoring, sampling and analysis processes. We have extensive experience of working within the requirements of the LLW Repository Ltd Waste Services Framework and the Radioactive Waste Management Ltd waste package specifications. We use this experience, together with a detailed understanding of the nature of the waste, to identify and underpin disposability through the most appropriate waste route. We are experts in the pragmatic use of the Data Quality Objectives (DQO) process to support appropriate waste characterisation using assay, sampling data and appropriate fingerprints to support characterisation of Higher Activity Waste (HAW) and Low Activity Waste (LAW).

HAW Disposability Support

We support waste producers with advice about treatment, conditioning, packaging and interim storage of Higher Activity Waste (HAW), as well as disposability in a Geological Disposal Facility. This includes preparing Letter of Compliance (LoC) submissions and supporting technical documentation and we are recognised by Radioactive Waste Management Ltd (RWM) as supply chain experts in this field. We have a track record of successfully developing waste packaging and management strategies which meet RWM needs, recognising the challenges waste producers face in the management of problematic wastes.

LAW Disposability Support

In addition to waste characterisation and Data Quality Objectives (DQO), we have provided waste consignment support to LLW Repository Ltd for a number of years and have considerable experience of compliance with Low Level Waste (LLW) Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) across the UK and Europe. We use this knowledge to support our customers with the identification of suitable solutions for their Low Activity Waste (LAW), facilitating appropriate treatment or disposal of LLW, Low Activity LLW (LA-LLW), Very LLW (VLLW) and Out of Scope waste.

Waste Management Trials

Our delivery of waste strategies and disposability assessments is supported by our capability to deliver trials to underpin understanding of waste management processes. In our experience, small-scale trials provide a cost-effective way of validating concept designs and providing confidence for developing solutions further at a larger scale and/or full-scale. For encapsulated waste packages, we have the understanding and capability to evaluate prospective waste forms against the LLW Repository Ltd and Radioactive Waste Management Ltd acceptance criteria. We also have experience of evaluating innovative encapsulation materials, such as Nochar, for encapsulating materials which cannot be grouted effectively due to factors such as their chemical nature.

Case Studies

Harwell B220 Decommissioning Plan

Client: Magnox Ltd
Duration: 1 month (2018)
Value: £15k

As part of the Nucleus team, NSG were awarded a contract by through the Specialist Nuclear Services (SNS) Framework to produce a fully costed and programmed decommissioning plan for a former radiochemistry laboratory facility built in the 1940s at the Harwell site.

WCASS Framework

Client: LLW Repository Ltd
Duration: 4 years (2017 to 2021)
Value: £1.6m

NSG is currently leading the Clarity team on the Waste Characterisation and Assurance Support Services Framework. The scope includes consultation, sampling, analysis, interpretation, routing and measurement, and recent projects have included support to Vulcan Naval Reactor Test Establishment, HM Naval Base Clyde and the Low Level Waste Repository.

LLW/ILW Boundary Waste Study

Client: LLW Repository Ltd
Duration: 1 year (2016 to 2017)
Value: £60k

As part of a national programme, NSG led the technical delivery of a study which identified the inventory of ILW on the boundary threshold that could be managed as LLW. The output offered significant and immediate cost savings to the UK taxpayer if the waste was rerouted and a significant on-site hazard reduction through passive safe storage.